Shelly Masur is the CEO of Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation. She brings almost twenty years of experience working with youth-serving non-profits and in education-related leadership roles to CDEF. Shelly is a well-known and recognized leader in the education community having been named in 2013 one of the “100 Women of Influence” by the Silicon Valley Business Journal for her work in education.

She is a former school board member in the Redwood City School District in San Mateo County where she served for 10 years, and was elected to the Redwood City Council in 2015. Shelly serves on the council’s communications committee, the finance and audit committee and on Redwood City 2020. She is on the Executive Board of the Peninsula Division of the CA League of Cities and serves on the California League of Cities Community Services Committee as well as the Governance, Transparency and Labor Relations Policy Committee.

Regionally, Shelly is on the Congestion Management Environmental Quality, Airport Land Use and Legislative Committees of the City County Association of Governments. Building on years of women’s health activism, Shelly holds a Master’s Degree on Public Health and lives in Redwood City with her husband, two high school-aged sons and three dogs. She texts regularly with her college-aged daughter.