Please Vote Yes on Measure AA

With less than a week to go before election day, I am writing to urge my friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to vote Yes on Measure AA!  This is a chance to be a part of an historic opportunity to protect and restore our beautiful Bay.  The San Francisco Bay is a part of all of our lives – whether we live along the Bay; work there; walk, jog, or visit parks along its shores; or simply appreciate it as we drive over a bridge. That is why Measure AA is so important.

Measure AA is on the June ballot and early voting has already begun. Measure AA would be our biggest step in a generation to ensure San Francisco Bay is protected and restored, as our legacy to our children and grandchildren.

Measure AA will raise millions for Bay wetlands restoration projects over the next 20 years. Restoring Bay wetlands will reduce pollution and improve water quality; expand habitat for fish, birds, and other wildlife; and provide a natural, cost-effective solution to flooding from sea-level rise.

This measure would improve the Bay for people and wildlife, while strengthening our economy and preparation for climate change. Measure AA would restore thousands of acres of tidal marsh to:

  • Reduce trash, pollution and harmful toxins in the Bay;
  • Improve water quality;
  • Restore habitat for fish, birds and wildlife;
  • Protect communities from floods; and
  • Increase shoreline public access.

More wetlands will improve the Bay by filtering out pollution for cleaner water; increasing habitat for fish, birds, and other wildlife; expanding Bay trails and shoreline access; and protecting low-lying communities and critical infrastructure from floods.

The Bay is challenged by pollution, climate change, and other threats and needs 100,000 acres of wetlands to be healthy and sustainable. More than 30,000 shoreline acres are already awaiting restoration. Measure AA would complete Bay restoration and shoreline protection projects to ensure that it will remain healthy, beautiful, and resilient for future generations.

This measure will generate $500 million for critically important projects, and will help our region leverage even more state and federal funding.

Vote YES on Measure AA for a Clean & Healthy Bay this June. This modest, $12 parcel tax will generate needed funding for restoration of San Francisco Bay wetlands, benefiting people, wildlife, and the Bay Area economy.

Please remember to look for Measure AA at the end of your ballot and VOTE YES on AA!

Thank you,