While the final results of the primary election are up in the air, we are in a difficult spot and will be watching for the next few weeks while all the ballots are counted.  We remain hopeful, but also realistic that it will be a hard gap to close.

For now, we are just profoundly grateful for all that you have done for this campaign. As I said on election night, to everyone who walked, called, texted, donated or offered encouragement, we are deeply thankful.  For those who served on one of our advisory committees, hosted an event, spent time in the office with us, or sent emails to your contacts - thank you!  

So many of you gave so much to this effort, you helped us overcome the huge amounts of money in the race, when we were outspent 2 to 1. You helped us stand our ground on the issues facing our communities, in particular around housing and education.  

Together we stood for the future of this senate district, bringing a respect for the past and an eye towards what we need to maintain the diversity of our communities.  

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for believing in our vision and what would be possible.

Shelly Masur