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Redwood City Councilmember Shelly Masur has been a leader in women’s health and education for over 20 years. Inspired to get her Masters in Public Health as the result of her organizing to protect women’s access to health care and abortion services, Shelly has led youth-serving non-profits, and held women’s health and education-related leadership roles. She is the former CEO of Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation, a statewide education non-profit working on policy implementation.

Shelly was elected to the Redwood City Council in 2015. She serves on the Council's Communications, Finance & Audit, and Charter Committees as well as on Redwood City 2020, a public private collaborative focused on health, children and youth. Shelly is currently the Treasurer of the Board of the Peninsula Division of California League of Cities and was appointed to the League's Community Services and Governance, Transparency and Labor Relations Policy Committees. She also represents the City of Redwood City on several regional committees and advisory boards, including the Legislative and Congestion Management & Environmental Quality Committees of the City County Association of Governments. Shelly’s accomplishments on the City Council include spearheading efforts to raise the minimum wage, increase childcare facilities, and community outreach on affordable housing with the County’s Home for All Initiative.



As a new parent in Redwood City School District, Shelly was appointed to fill a vacant seat on the Redwood City School Board where she was elected 3 times and served for 10 years, including two terms as Board President. During her tenure she was twice chosen by her colleagues across the county as President of the San Mateo County School Boards Association. She served as an elected delegate for the California School Boards Association, and on the Education Advisory Committees for Assembly members Rich Gordon and Kevin Mullin. Shelly was voted as one of the 100 Most Influential Women in 2013 by the Silicon Valley Business Journal for her work in education. She has lived in Redwood City for 13 years with her husband and three children.


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