There’s a saying:  if you want to know where someone will lead you, look at where they’ve been.  So I thought I’d tell you a bit about where I’ve been and where I want us to go – together.

I’ve been an organizer.  I started with women’s health and reproductive rights, protecting women’s health clinics from attacks, in LA and then in NY. I met my husband during the 1992 Democratic convention, when women’s health clinics were under attack and we were both working to keep them open.  This experience and spirit led me to grad school for public health, and spurred me on when I saw the need to fight for my children’s schools.

I’ve been a school board member, a mom, a non-profit leader, and a city councilmember.  Because of my experience, I’ve developed an appreciation for what it takes to make things work for in my community.  I understand how to fight for what’s right, and how to stand up and make change.

And that’s what it’s going to take to be your next senator. 

California is the place that’s holding the line against the Trump administration.  And our legislature and our governor are the people who are building the wall of resistance every day with their leadership.  So as your next senator, I’ll jump right in and fortify that wall by:

Fighting for High Quality Education

  • Increase funding so California is in the top 10 in the country  .
  • Ensure access to high quality early childhood education and childcare programs.
  • Invest in full-day kindergarten.
  • Address regional cost-of-living variances by establishing regionally cost-adjusted funding for school districts.

Protecting Women’s Rights and Health

  • Stand up for reproductive healthcare and freedom.
  • Enroll all eligible pregnant women & children in MediCal.
  • Fight for pay equity and better paid family leave policies.
  • Protect women from domestic violence and work place sexual harassment.

Creating Affordable Communities

  • Increase state funding to build more affordable housing.
  • Provide property tax exemptions for non-profit developers acquiring buildings to offer. low-income housing.
  • Incentivize housing built near transit, walkable areas, and parks.

Building a Sustainable Future

  • Declare a climate crisis to achieve zero emissions by 2030.
  • Move away from fossil fuels.
  • Protect frontline communities
  • Invest in clean and renewable energy systems.
  • Support natural carbon sequestration.
  • Modernize our public transportation systems and expand coverage.
  • Build electric car infrastructure.
  • Protect our open spaces, the Bay, and the Coast.

Reforming the way Sacramento does Business

  • Work in Sacramento to cut through red tape, so that government agencies function more effectively and efficiently and work for people — not against them
  • Any raises to legislator pay or per diems should only be considered in context of the state budget
  • Example- When the Redwood City School District was facing severe budget cuts, as Board President, I asked my colleagues to take a 50% cut to their own stipends before considering other cuts to district services or personnel.

We know that California is the beacon and a leader in meeting our challenges head on.  Living here, in the heart of innovation and the birthplace of technology, I know we can do it. And I want you to know, that’s what I’ll do as your next senator.  Organizing and representing all our community members to tackle the tough challenges with innovation and a willingness to work hard. 

I’ve got the experience, I’ve got the passion, and I’ve got you.  And together we’ll take where we’ve been, and use it to guide us along the path to where we want to go. 

Take a look at where I’ve been, and that will show you where I want to lead:  To the California we all want – for ourselves and for our children and for our future.


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